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Natural disaster relief is given to victims of natural disaster. PGN's program involves  emergency response processes and post-natural disaster aids such as:

  • Providing basic needs (nine staple commodities), clothings, blankets, mattresses
  • Providing medicine and medical personnels
  • Building health care centers and public kitchens
  • Providing safety boats and refugee tents
  • Providing transportation funds

PGN has distributed natural disaster aids to several affected regions such as: severe floodings in Wasior - Papua, Tsunami in Mentawai - West Sumatra, volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi-in Yogyakarta, landslides in Ciwidey West Java, floods in Karawang and Bekasi, and earthquake in Padang - West Sumatra. PGN had also involved many relevant parties that are competent within the field of disaster preventions, as well as the participation of local community groups.

PGN Humanitarian Relief

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