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Procurement of Goods and Services Goods and services procurement at PGN is based on the Guidelines for the Procurement of Goods and Services P-001/0.57 and on the principle that it must be efficient, effective, transparen, fair, accountable, and adheres to the Company's values and Good Corporate Governance (GCG).

The general policy of the procurement of goods / services at PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk involves the following:

  1. Enhance efficiency
  2. Support the creation of added value for the Company
  3. Support the creation of a procurement system of goods / services that is oriented on strategy and integration
  4. Simplify and accelerate the decision-making process ingoods/services procurement
  5. Boost the independence, responsibility and professionalism of all parties involved in goods/services procurement
  6. Increase synergy with state-owned enterprises and/or their subsidiaries

Methods and governance of the procurement of goods / services are carried out according to common practices (best practice) of procurement, taking into consideration the value, type and complexity of goods / services, the scale of priorities, the impact of business / interests of the Company, interest / social impact of each procurement package, namely by:

  1. Tender
  2. Direct Selection
  3. Direct Appointment
  4. Direct Purchase

and further evaluation is applied based on several terms, conditions and evaluation procedures in order to gain profitable and accountable proposals.

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