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Protecting our people and our customers ...

Natural gas is highly flammable, which puts occupational health and safety right at the top of PGN's priorities.

The company's goal is to maintain zero accidents through the implementation of strict safety standards in all aspects of the business, and the establishment of ‘safety' as an ingrained part of PGN culture. The implementation of Occupational Safety and Health at PGN is continually updated. Prior to 2009, occupational safety and health was implemented as a centralized system at the Head Office through the Divisional and Service structure.

In 2009 this was replaced by a Committee, which was headed by the President Director himself. Under the supervision of the Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Management (OSH&EM) Committee, safety and health activities were no longer the sole responsibility of the Head Office but involved all employees in their respective areas.

PGN worked with a world-class safety consultant to formulate a roadmap for the sustainable roll-out and implementation of safety in the Company. With the cooperation of the entire Company, from the Director level to the employee level, PGN hopes that by making safety a part of daily behavior, Safety Excellence will be achieved by 2014. As the result of Occupational Safety and Health implementation, up to 2010 (cumulative from 2009) PGN recorded 12,365,074 safe working hours. In 2010, there was no fatality that caused any loss of working days and PGN recorded a safe driving distance of 2,857,583 km.

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