Moving the Wheels of Economy

PGN develops along with the development and turnover of the wheels of national economy. The company's business is aimed at creating good value for internal employees, stakeholders, and the nation and society extensively. Internally, PGN creates economic value with good and proper compensation payments to employees. For the general public, PGN's business can improve the quality of life through the usage of gas that is that is more cost-saving and efficient than fuel oil. Economic value is also derived from various empowerment and community development programs. While for the state, PGN has paid dividends on a routine basis, with a ratio of 50% -60% of net profit.


Business Cooperation

PGN establishes business cooperation with suppliers of goods or services in running its operations. The Company applies the principles of effective, efficient, open, transparent, fair, competitive and accountable procurement based on information technology (e-procurement).

PGN has set professional qualifications for its business partners based on quality standards and specifications, service standards, and standards on time of goods and/or services procurement, based on clean, transparent and mutually beneficial business ethics. The Company conducts periodic evaluations to maintain the quality of business cooperation contracts while ensuring that goods/services are obtained in accordance with quality and specifications at competitive prices and on-time procurement.


Transformation of Environment

PGN, together with the global community, play an active role in combating climate change, and invite all components of society to maintain the sustainability of the earth and its contents for the life of future generations. We are committed to minimize environmental impacts, including carbon emissions from our operations for the sake of nature and the sustainability of Earth.

PGN's business management refers to the 2013-2017 Environmental Transformation Roadmap as part of the work culture within the Company. In addition to routine audits every three years, the effort to cultivate environmentally sound operations is also done through various training on the environment.

Save Our Planet

PGN realizes that its operational activities, just like in other companies, affect environmental conditions, which continue to undergo drastic changes due to the impacts of human activities, especially industries.
PGN conducts various efforts in order to run an environmentally sound business as described below:

Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

More efficient operational implementation and limiting greenhouse gas emissions is one of PGN's direct efforts to help inhibit global climate change. The company carries out a structured effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Environment Management and Monitoring

PGN implements Environmental Management and Monitoring Program as a commitment to environmental conservation. PGN's operational activities do not yield direct and harmful airborne and liquid pollution emissions that harm the environment. The environmental quality parameters throughout PGN's main operational areas are always under environmental quality standards.

Waste Management

PGN currently does not yet have a waste management unit, so all the B3 waste produced is directly transported by a third party, PT Prasada Pamunah Limbah Industri, for further processing outside PGN's operational area.

Green Program

PGN planted 85,329 tree trunks around its main transmission pipeline construction project in 2016. The types of trees grown include marine sengon, fruit trees, red buds, mangroves and local species. Through these trees, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be reduced, as these trees absorb the gas in the process of photosynthesis.

Water Conservation

PGN utilizes open areas around the Head Office as water catchment by making biopore holes as a medium for filtrating rainwater or runoff water into the soil. As a result, the condition of the groundwater level is relatively maintained so that no complaints from surrounding communities or related institutions regarding the decrease of ground water levels. The company also implements a closed loop control system and water recycling.

Material Usage

PGN always uses coated pipes made of steel or plastic polyethylene and other protectors that make for anti-rust pipes that are durable and can be buried in the ground for long period of time (about 30 years). Another material is impurities absorbent or filter materials placed in a pipe that serves to clean up dirt. PGN is also implements paper-saving policies, the use of waste paper and technology-based administration systems.

Conversion of Fuel Oils to Gas

PGN continues to support the government's plan to convert the use of fuel oil to gas fuel. PGN's participation in the conversion program is through MRU (mobile refueling unit) or gas refueling stations for motorized vehicles.

Fakta Hijau

Social Responsibility

Download Laporan Tahunan Program Kemitraan dan Bina Lingkungan (PKBL)


PGN continues to work and consistently implement the Community Development Program. The purpose of the whole program is generally to improve the quality of people's lives. Various programs are realized in various real actions below:


PGN's commitment and consistency in creating economic, environmental, and community values has gained positive appreciation from various parties. Below are several of the awards obtained by the company throughout 2016.

Indonesia Most Innovatiove Business Award 2017

Annual Report Awward 2015


Penghargaan Emas